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EliteRecruitments (A unit of Prathameshwara Consulting Pvt. Ltd.) is a full-cycle recruitment and staffing company and the best job consultancy in India offering a comprehensive suite of recruitment services to insurers, reinsurers, banks, consultancies, and investment service firms.

Incorporated in 2014, we have strived to carve a niche for ourselves. As a result, we are slowly gaining recognition as expert recruiters in Actuarial, Analytics, Data Engineering, Cloud computing, Underwriting & Claims Management, Management Consulting, Risk management & Audit, and Financial advisory.

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Expert solution for your staffing needs

Unlike other recruiters who simultaneously play diverse roles in managing multiple positions, we traverse each domain, grasp the essence of each significant position in it, share experiential learning on closing it, excel at the process and then venture into a new domain. This is how the company expanded its service offerings beyond Actuarial.

Our approach is not only employer-centric but also potential employee-centric. We do thorough research on our clients and on the potential and aspirations of the candidates to ascertain the right fit and that’s what makes us the best recruitment agency in India.


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We are not only one of the top staffing agencies in India but your collaborative hiring partner. We are your eyes and ears in the marketplace and the first point of contact a potential employee will have with your organization. We become an extension of your reputation and image and work meticulously to honor our commitments every step of the way.


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Recognition Held by Us

At EliteRecruitments, we make a valuable to our client’s growth by connecting them to the most important pillar that strengthens any organization – it’s people!

When we are acknowledged for our work by honorable associations, it affirms that we are doing the right things and continue being driven by our core values.


Featured in Forbes, Women Power Dec 2021 Edition, focused on female leaders forming the future.


Featured in The CEO Story, Special Edition, June 2020 about our Founder's inspiring entrepreneurial journey.


EliteRecruitments got nominated amongst the Top 20 BFSI Recruitment companies 2018 by Silicon India.


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Perfect Candidate Doesn’t Exist

Perfect Candidate Doesn’t Exist

Hiring candidates has always remained a challenge for companies, fraught with high stakes and significant implications. The entire process requires careful consideration of multiple factors

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide expertise in recruitment with a primary focus on recruitment for Actuarial, Analytics, Data Engineering & Cloud Computing, Underwriting, Management consulting, Claims, Risk Management, Information Technology, Audit and Financial Advisory.

Our recruiters use a wealth of resources to help source local and international talent. We have access to various online databases that help us find and attract potential candidates to the positions our clients are looking to fill.

EliteRecruitments experts are very careful about whom we hire, and we do many interviews and filter out the candidates to make sure we’re hiring the best possible person for the job. We must hire the right person, and it takes time and research to find that person.


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