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At EliteRecruitments, we are the premier destination for companies seeking top talent in the analytics domain. Our team of experienced data analyst recruiters leverages their deep knowledge on the wide spectrum of AI & ML to synergize candidates’ talents with rewarding career opportunities.

data analyst recruiters, data analytics recruitment, recruiting Analytics
data analyst recruiters, data analytics recruitment, recruiting Analytics

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As AI and ML have become integral parts of each business, it’s essential to go for the right analysts. That’s where EliteRecruitments, a top data analyst recruiters, hits the bull’s eye. When you put your best effort into achieving excellence, you will find partnering with us worthy. We support the recruitment needs of the fintech, insurance, banking, retail, hospitality, pharma and consulting industries in this portfolio. EliteRecruitments patron expert data analyst recruiters who help you stay competitive with candidates having powerful ML models, programming, Mathematics/Statistics skills. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in evaluating and hiring experienced predictive modeling experts trained to handle business uncertainties. Our consultants also help companies establish specific job parameters to ensure the skills and expertise levels of aspiring AI data experts. So, join the ranks of successful organizations and supercharge your analytics team’s potential with our expert guidance and support.

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EliteRecruitments is a premium platform for individuals who want to build their future in analytics. With the proven track record of connecting AI experts with critical data roles across India, our data analyst recruiters expert helped aspiring AI and ML professionals find jobs in reputed organizations focusing on AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Predictive modeling and other emerging technologies. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge as a data analyst, pharmaceutical analysts, production analysts, hospitality analysts, financial analysts, or production analyst, we can help you empower your career. EliteRecruitments connects you with top employers seeking talent like yours, offering diversified job options to fit your skills and aspirations. Join us today and take the necessary steps to secure an attractive position where you can use your analytical skills to make informed decisions and unlock endless career opportunities in the thriving career of analytics. 

data analyst recruiters, data analytics recruitment, recruiting Analytics

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Life Actuarial - Modelling

Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai Hiring Actuaries for a leading Consultancy. The incumbent must have experience in modelling MG-ALFA/ GGY Axis/ Prophet/ Moses 8& RAFM

Actuary - IFRS17

RemoteCandidate should have 2-8 years of actuarial reserving experience (life or P&C) with at least 6 months of experience in IFRS17.


Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai 1-8 years of actuarial experience in pensions domain with atleast 1 actuarial exam. Experience in Hongkong/Asia pensions will be preferred

Pricing Actuaries

Remote/Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata T-IO years of actuarial pricing experience with atleast 2 actuarial exams.

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Our Specialities

AI experts are poised to become the driving force behind business decision-making, utilizing their mastery in skills, including natural language processing, data mining, deep learning, and mathematical patterns, to tackle complex analytical challenges. These professionals play a crucial role in data analysis, creating precise statistical models, and implementing sophisticated quantitative techniques to aid organizations in making informed decisions. Let’s examine the various specializations and job positions available for AI & ML professionals:

Insurance Analytics

Predictive modeling experts in insurance leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to perform specific computer programs that extract, reshape, transform, and analyze critical information about finance and insurance. Insurance predictive modelers help to identify and assess risks associated with various insurance policies. It includes analyzing historical claim data to determine the likelihood of future losses and estimating potential costs. Insurance companies use analytics to evaluate underwriting and claim management.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics professionals analyze raw sales data and historical sales trends collected from companies. They closely monitor and cultivate this data to determine and predict the future return on investment (ROI) by focusing on the previous ROI of the company and reviewing the relationship between existing marketing expenses and conversion. They perform continuous tracking and analysis of the ROI generated from marketing efforts. By leveraging detailed statistical and predictive modeling analysis, marketing analysts craft a data-driven and ROI-focused marketing strategy for the organization's future success.

HR Analytics

The profession of HR analytics, also known as people analytics, leverages Artificial Intelligence to determine and formulate effective HR policies for organizations. These professionals use AI to collect, compile, analyze, and review critical HR data, including attendance rates, recruit profiles, wage policies, employee turnover ratios, and workforce planning, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an organization's HR policies. They analyze HR data and metrics related to recruitment, retention, compensation, and legal compliance using AI algorithms, generating a detailed analytical report. Based on these AI-powered insights, management can make informed decisions and formulate effective HR strategies for the organization.

Operations Analytics

Operations analytics are known for solving internal challenges and problems of organizations. They also develop an effective goal-oriented strategy for organizations. In addition, they are also responsible for managing data, client reporting, trade practices, and operational processes. They also assist the client support service department and operations team to streamline the operational processes and workflow. They follow a detailed step-by-step approach to identify the critical issues faced by the organization and help them coordinate better among themselves. They help the operations team address the research issues and formulate practical solutions to yield results.

Sales Analytics

Sales analysts collect information about past sales records and analyze them to provide organizations with valuable insights that help them make better decisions. They carefully consider various factors related to sales and take external factors into account as well.Based on the detailed analysis, sales AI professionals deliver accurate projections for future sales. In addition, they compile and evaluate sales data to identify the factors influencing the sales growth. They also predict the possible sales outcome of the organizations accurately and provide valuable suggestions to improve the future sales performance.

Banking Analytics

Banking analytics or banking business analytics is responsible for overseeing all types of banking transactions, loan structure, interest details, cash flow statements, and fund flow records. They analyze and evaluate each transaction carefully to review the financial position of a bank. In addition, they generate a summary report to notify and inform the higher management about a bank's risk and return ratio. Based on the reports made by them, the future financial strategy of a bank is developed. They also examine each aspect of the banking business and identify future opportunities and avenues of investment. They pass critical judgment on the future course of action.

Retail Analytics

Retail analytics play a vital role in FMCG and consumer-focused industries. They carefully analyze, examine, evaluate and manage the flow of information in the retail industry and provide business insights to the management to aid better decision-making. They also interpret critical factors involved in the data and take a data-driven approach to analyze past performances. They examine quantitative and qualitative data to create a detailed report on various aspects such as inventory, pricing, footfalls rate, shelf-moving rate, etc. Based on the relevant data, retail AI experts also predict the future demand for a particular product to sustain business growth and increase ROI.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics is responsible for analyzing, examining, and evaluating a healthcare business's past, present, and future performance. They manage large yet varied data sets to optimize the performance of a healthcare entity and improve its operational and service efficiency after analyzing a wide range of healthcare data to evaluate a medical facility's strengths and weak points and communicate their findings to the management. They create extensive reports backed by accurate numbers and statistics to strengthen their argument. Based on their analytical reports, management formulates a new strategic plan.

BI Analytics

The responsibility of business analytics is to examine the various aspects of an organization by analyzing data and providing management with appropriate recommendations to improve a company's performance. They communicate their recommendations through numbers and give organizations reliable statistics to make their findings more compelling. Data ML experts play a vital role in improving an organization's internal decision-making process while improving its customer interaction and engagement. They analyze various data models with the help of premium tools and derive logical conclusions about the company's performance.

Analytics Consultants

Analytics consultants provide consulting services to organizations on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related areas. They may work in consulting firms or as independent consultants. And they have expertise in areas including data management, data analysis, artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, and data visualization. They advise organizations in developing data-driven strategies and action plans. In addition, they also help organizations select and implement appropriate AI & ML tools and technologies and advise on best practices for data-driven decision-making. In general, the consultants can play a valuable role in helping organizations to unlock the full potential of their data.

Pharmaceutical Analytics

Pharmaceutical analytics use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies to drive predictive insights and decision-making within the pharmaceutical industry. They are responsible for analyzing the trial data of a particular drug or medicine. They also predict sales and performance of a pharmaceutical company by analyzing different data sources. They also analyze real-world data to gain insights into drug effectiveness and patient outcomes. Pharmaceutical AI experts are responsible for developing predictive models to forecast demand, optimize inventory management, and improve distribution efficiency. They analyze social media data to monitor patient sentiment and identify potential issues with drugs or treatment protocols. It is a rapidly evolving field, and the use of data and AI tools is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the industry.

Fintech Analytics

Fintech analytics is becoming increasingly important in the industry, and fintech companies leverage data of their markets, customers, and products. The Fintech data intelligence experts use cutting-edge AI & ML tools to perform risk analysis to assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. Additionally, They conduct sentiment analysis on social media to monitor customer feedback and behavior to identify potential issues of a product or service. They also analyze user preferences to optimize the app user experience to drive better engagement. Using predictive modeling tools, fintech companies can make more informed decisions about product development, marketing, and sales to improve operations, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Hospitality Analytics

Hospitality analytics professionals leverage data to improve the hospitality industry's operations, marketing, and customer experience. They use various techniques and tools to analyze data and provide actionable insights to drive decision-making and ultimately improve the profitability and success of hospitality businesses. They collect, examine, and interpret data related to the hospitality industry. It includes analyzing sales data, customer feedback, and operational data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. A hospitality data analyst creates reports and visualizations to communicate these insights to stakeholders. They are also responsible for optimizing the pricing and inventory of hotel rooms, restaurant tables, and other hospitality services.

Production Analysts

Production analytics help to streamline the manufacturing flow of an organization to achieve economies of scale and production efficiency. They work to design scheduling and staffing models that provide the best optimization of labor costs, production volume, and efficiency. In addition, they analyze a range of data and develop a plan, based on the data sets, to perform workforce planning and equipment placement to ensure maximum production output. They also monitor the raw materials usage, WIP, and the finished goods status and collect data to optimize the performance of each production unit. Finally, they also have to carry out surveys from time to time to collect valuable data and statistics.

Financial Analytics

Financial analysts help businesses seeking to improve their financial performance and gain a better understanding of their financial status. They use AI, ML, and other predictive modeling tools to provide in-depth insights into various aspects of their financial operations, including cash flow, profitability, and asset management. Financial analytics can also help businesses to improve their profitability. By analyzing financial data, businesses can identify areas of their operations that are not performing as well as they could be. It may include identifying inefficiencies in production processes or marketing efforts or identifying opportunities to reduce costs.Businesses can improve their profitability and overall financial performance by improving in these areas.


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As a premium data analyst recruiters, we offer industry-specific recruiting to help clients find the right fit for their technical needs.

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EliteRecruitments’s analytics talent sourcing helps companies promote their brands as attractive employers to analytical talents.


Our clients receive comprehensive search services from us, and we assist them in identifying ideal employees who will maintain a lasting relationship with their company.


At EliteRecruitments, recruitment consultants boast a strong track record of providing exceptional executive search and research services within analytics for diversified industries.

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As a Data Analyst Recruiters expert, we are trailblazers in analytics recruitment, providing unparalleled services to the top industries in India. Our team of seasoned data analyst recruiters is expert in locating the crème de la crème of tech analysts. It has experience in hiring insurance analysts, risk analysts, marketing analysts, and HR analysts. We have made a dedicated effort to learn and understand their basics, which has helped us effectively recruit top candidates and excel at our job as seasoned recruiters. With a deep understanding of the job market and a strong network across India’s metropolitan areas, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between talented individuals and the right job opportunities. So, if you’re looking to hire elite talents or seeking a new career challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out to the data analyst recruiters experts at EliteRecruitments.

data analyst recruiters, data analytics recruitment, recruiting Analytics

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We have been among the few recruitment agencies that solely focus on hiring exceptional actuaries from the beginning to find the right actuary professional for the right client at the right time. Our actuarial recruitment division has been actively deploying the best actuaries in prominent cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. In addition, we have also been actively providing our services to Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum. We also provide the candidates with an opportunity to work in a permanent remote-based location for a UAE-based firm in the insurance, data analytics, wealth management, KPOs, and government branches.
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