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EliteRecruitements leverages an extensive network of qualified auditors and deploys them in their respective positions to support our client’s business goals. Our extensive client base empowers ambitious auditors to discover their dream careers and flourish in competitive industries.

Expert Audit Recruitment Agency In India | EliteRecruitments
Expert Audit Recruitment Agency In India | EliteRecruitments

Challenges In Hiring
Specialized Auditors

As an experienced audit recruitment firm in India, EliteRecruitments has gained valuable insights into the challenges and trends in the industry. One of the significant challenges in the industry is attracting and retaining younger auditors. With the rise of technology and the shift towards a more digital work environment, auditors seek more flexible work arrangements and professional growth and development opportunities. Another critical challenge for an organization is to find an efficient auditor with good communication skills. Even when organizations procure proficient auditors, they lack verbal skills to explain their findings to the company stakeholders. 

Furthermore, the industry faces challenges in identifying the right audit domain suitable for their businesses. With ever-changing industry regulations, sourcing candidates with the right expertise and experience in a specific domain is tedious. Our ability to study and learn these challenges helped us grow and provide our clients with the most satisfying audit recruitment experiences. 

Auditor Recruitment:
We Lead The Way

As a leading audit recruitment agency, we remain involved in identifying the right match for your audit staffing needs. We provide clients with highly skilled professionals who can excel in complex audit engagements and managing diverse and intricate assignments. Unlike others, EliteRecruitements understands the importance of effective communication between C-suite and auditors. Therefore, we assess our candidates for stakeholder management skills, communication, and critical thinking skills. It ensures our ability to tap talents who can lead strategic initiatives to drive your business success.

In addition to evaluating the audit expertise, We also assess candidates’ people, consulting and business development skills to help clients build a talent pool of auditors with the required expertise. EliteRecruitements specializes in recruiting top multi-tasked auditors for all sectors, including Big 4, SMEs, and startups. Our candidates are well-rounded and can handle any kind of strategic challenges.

Expert Audit Recruitment Agency In India | EliteRecruitments

New Openings

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M&T COE - Internal Audit

Gurgaon Sec 62 Plan and conduct audits to augment Asia Compliance functions. Develop Annual Compliance Audit Plans and schedules

Internal Audit

Gurgaon, Mumbai Exp into Real Estate, Telecom is preferred- 3+ yrs of exp

Stat Audit

Bangalore/Kolkata 5+ yrs of exp required Exp into Asset Management/ Wealth Management/ Insurance

Stat Audit

Hyderabad With one of a Big4's 5+ yrs of exp required

Stat Audit

Bangalore With one of a Big4's 3-15 yrs of exp

Forensic Audit

Mumbai With one of a Big4's Exp- 6months to 5yrs

IT Audit

Gurgaon With one of a Big4's Exp- 5+ into ITGC, ITAC, SOC, SOX

IT Audit

Bangalore With one of a Big4's Exp- 3+ into ITGC, ITAC, SOC, SOX

IT Audit

Mumbai Exp into Telecom & Media Sector 5+ yrs of exp required

ERP Audit

Noida/Gurgaon/Kolkata 1+ yrs required Skills-Exp into SAP/Orcale Audit along with ITGC & ITAC

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Our Specialities

In today’s business landscape, organizational transparency and quality assurance are more critical than ever, driving an all-time high demand for skilled auditors. Our team understands the unique skill sets required for each industry, enabling us to match the right specialists with the right organizations. Let’s take a glimpse at the leading audit specialties we recruit for our clients.

Internal Audit

Internal auditors help organizations add value and improve operational efficiencies. They perform inspection and consulting activities to develop a systematic and disciplined framework for organizations to make the governance process more effective. Internal auditors deeply understand an organization's culture, systems, and processes. Internal auditing ensures that the governing processes efficiently meet organizational needs and objectives. They are qualified to evaluate emerging technologies, opportunities, control, and ethics and examine internal controls. Internal auditors communicate information, opinions, and findings with other stakeholders. Organizations take the help of internal auditors to make informed decisions.

External Audit

External auditors are independent accountants who certify an organization's financial statements and records. Their certification plays a crucial role in gaining the trust and confidence of investors and lenders of publicly-held businesses. They determine the accuracy, competence, and continuity of financial records. Organizations hire external auditors to evaluate their accounting statements to comply with the applicable accounting frameworks and international accounting standards. They also analyze the financial position of an organization and examine the fairness and accuracy of accounting practices. External auditors also help organizations and investors identify fraudulent activities.

IT Audit

An information technology audit examines and evaluates an organization's IT infrastructure and management control. IT auditors help organizations evaluate the performance of applications, data usage, management policies, and workflow within an infrastructure. They protect valuable IT assets to maintain operational integrity and align them with organizational goals and objectives. IT audit involves four stages, including planning, performing fieldwork, audit report preparation, and follow-up. It typically covers areas like information security, data management, system development, IT governance, and compliance with regulatory requirements. IT auditors use various tools and techniques to perform their work, including data analysis, system testing, and client interviews. They may also review policies, procedures, and documentation related to IT operations.

Forensic Audit

Forensic auditors also examine an organization's or individual's financial records to identify evidence of fraudulent activities and financial crimes. Organizations, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders can use this evidence in court. Forensic auditors help organizations uncover potential criminal activities within an organization. Auditors use various techniques to gather and analyze financial data during a forensic audit. It may include reviewing financial statements and transactions, examining accounting systems and controls, interviewing employees and stakeholders, and conducting data analysis to identify patterns or anomalies. In addition to uncovering evidence of financial wrongdoing, forensic audits can also help organizations improve their internal controls and risk management practices to prevent future fraud or other financial irregularities.

Tax Audit

Tax auditors are responsible for conducting audits to ensure compliance with the existing tax laws and regulations. They evaluate an organization's accounting system to determine the payable tax and implement measures to reduce the tax burdens. These professionals also help companies file tax returns and prepare financial records to comply with audit requirements. In addition, tax auditors must also maintain all tax documents required for filing returns. The goal of a tax audit is to ensure that the taxpayer has accurately reported their income and deductions and paid the correct amount of tax. If the auditor identifies discrepancies or errors in the taxpayer's records, they may recommend proper tax filing and reporting.


Personalized Attention

We take the time to get to know each candidate personally, identifying their strengths and career goals and matching them with the right opportunities.


Our team of recruiters has extensive experience in audit portfolios, allowing us to identify the best talents for our clients.

Industry Connections

We have strong relationships with leading audit firms nationwide, giving our candidates access to vast career opportunities.

Adaptive Hiring Techniques

We adjust our recruitment approach to fit your company's hiring plan and timeline, leveraging various options to meet your needs.

India's Finest Audit Recruitment Agency

Our specialization in recruiting high-caliber audit professionals made us the unsurpassed audit recruitment agency with a PAN India presence. At EliteRecruitments, we understand the value of skilled and experienced audit professionals in any organization. And we strive to connect the top-performing talents in the industry with the most desirable audit job roles. Our team of experienced recruiters has a deep understanding of the ever-evolving audit job roles and the skills required to excel in them. It enables us to provide bespoke staffing solutions to candidates and companies, ensuring a perfect fit every time. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates, which has helped us become a trusted hiring partner with the highest professional standards. Whether you are a candidate looking for a job opportunity or a company seeking top talent for your audit function, EliteRecruitments is your one-stop solution. Join hands with us, and take your career or business to new heights.

Expert Audit Recruitment Agency In India | EliteRecruitments

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Executive Search

We provide a comprehensive executive search service that includes hiring talented professionals across various levels, from Junior to Director positions.

Transparent Hiring

Our hiring process is open, transparent, and free from hidden agendas. EliteRecruitements promotes fairness, accountability, and trust in qualified auditors' selection.

Flexible Approach

At EliteRecruitments, we prioritize work-life balance and convenience for our candidates by contacting them outside of working hours and scheduling interviews without wasting valuable time.

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