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EliteRecruitments is a leading data engineer recruitment agency dedicated to creating a competent and skilled data team for your company. We are passionate about building bridges between our clients with highly skilled data engineers and cloud computing professionals to ensure mutual winning moments.

cloud recruitment agency, data engineer recruitment
cloud recruitment agency, data engineer recruitment

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In today’s rapidly evolving technology environment, skilled data engineers are essential in laying the groundwork for BI, analytics, and data science to work seamlessly & provide value to the organization and stay ahead of the competition. At EliteRecruitments, we are committed to identifying top talents and helping you build a team of exceptional data professionals to stay upfront. We can help organizations identify the skills necessary to foster a data engineer recruitment process, including identifying a candidate’s technical skills and proficiency in using tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, SQL, and NoSQL databases. As experts in the field, we are passionate about sharing industry innovations and insights through our data engineer recruitment services. 

We believe that comprehending the genuine value of your critical business data and leveraging it to optimize your growth is essential to staying efficient in the market. Trust us to hire skilled data engineers for your company, and let us help you drive your business forward with a team of matchless big data professionals!

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EliteRecruitments is the ultimate destination for job seekers aiming to excel in data engineering and cloud computing through our unparalleled expertise in data engineer recruitment. Our expert recruiters’ team helps candidates land their dream job in this competitive industry. With a comprehensive database of the most sought-after job opportunities in data engineering and cloud computing, you can trust that we’ll match you with a role that aligns with your career goals and aspirations. But we don’t just stop there. 

Our data engineer recruitment specialists provide personalized guidance and support throughout the interview process, so you can feel confident and prepared to ace those challenging rounds. In addition, our data engineer recruitment experts also analyze the profile of each candidate carefully to find out the critical information about their experience and the job culture they had worked in previously. With us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands to find not just any job but the perfect data job in a dynamic organization. 

cloud recruitment agency, data engineer recruitment

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Life Actuarial - Modelling

Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai Hiring Actuaries for a leading Consultancy. The incumbent must have experience in modelling MG-ALFA/ GGY Axis/ Prophet/ Moses 8& RAFM

Actuary - IFRS17

RemoteCandidate should have 2-8 years of actuarial reserving experience (life or P&C) with at least 6 months of experience in IFRS17.


Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai 1-8 years of actuarial experience in pensions domain with atleast 1 actuarial exam. Experience in Hongkong/Asia pensions will be preferred

Pricing Actuaries

Remote/Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata T-IO years of actuarial pricing experience with atleast 2 actuarial exams.

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Our Specialities

As the demand for skilled professionals in these fields continues to skyrocket, it’s more important than ever to partner with an agile data engineer recruitment agency that can help you stay ahead. With an army of highly trained and experienced data engineers and cloud computing professionals, you’ll be able to harness the power of data warehousing, big data processing, machine learning, and cloud infrastructure to drive growth and innovation. 

Big Data Solution Engineers

Big data engineers are responsible for collecting, compiling, and integrating an organization's data and information into a big data environment. They work with clients and stakeholders to understand their business needs, identify data sources, and define the project scopes. Big Data Solution Engineers perform detailed testing of the solutions to ensure they are stable, secure, and scalable. They also troubleshoot and debug any issues that arise. In addition, they help organizations develop an efficient data warehouse accessible to the management and authorized users to make informed decisions. Big Data engineers also develop high-quality algorithms to transform extensive data into an operational format to support an organization's decision-making process.

Cloud Database Engineers

A cloud database engineer performs multiple functions, including database designing, data migration, performance optimization, database deployment, cost optimization, and many others. They use their knowledge of database management systems and cloud computing technologies to ensure that data is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere. They work closely with other IT professionals, such as software developers, system administrators, and network engineers, to ensure that all systems function correctly and that data is accurately and efficiently processed. Cloud database engineers excel in designing, optimizing, and deploying databases, ensuring secure and accessible data. At EliteRecruitments, we specialize in data engineer recruitment, connecting you with top talent for your data infrastructure needs.

Data Warehouse Engineers

Data Warehouse Engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining data warehousing solutions. They play a critical role in extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from various sources into a centralized repository for analysis and reporting. Data engineers also transform the extracted data to suit the specific target systems. They work closely with business stakeholders, data analysts, and other IT teams to understand the data and business requirements and to design and implement solutions that meet those needs. Data warehouse engineers enable organizations to consolidate data from multiple sources to make more informed decisions to stay ahead in their respective industries.

Data Architect

Data Architects are responsible for designing and managing an organization's data architecture. It includes defining the data structures, models, and management systems that support an organization's business goals and objectives. Data Architects ensure the data is accessible, secure, and easily integrated with other systems. They also optimize data storage and processing to ensure the organization's data architecture aligns with its overall business and technical strategies. Data Architects play a crucial role in shaping an organization's data landscape. With our expertise in data engineer recruitment, we connect you with skilled Data Architects to drive your business's success.

Data Pipeline Engineer

The primary responsibility of a data pipeline engineer is to move critical data from various sources to a centralized repository for analysis and reporting. To build scalable data pipelines, data engineers must have in-depth knowledge of top cloud providers like GCP, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. They perform multiple functions, including designing data pipelines, ETL implementation, automation, and technical support. Data Pipeline Engineers must have a strong understanding of data management and be proficient in programming languages such as Python or Java. Data engineers also purify raw data and implement transformations to develop an effective infrastructure to attribute meaningful insights.

Data Operations Specialists

Data Operation Specialists are responsible for an organization's daily data management and maintenance. They ensure data is properly stored, processed, and secured for optimum utilization. They monitor data systems for performance issues, resolve technical problems, and perform regular maintenance to prevent outages. The goal of a Data Operations Specialist is to ensure that an organization's data systems are reliable, scalable, and secure to meet the organization's data management needs. They may also perform designing, configuring, and implementing data management. Data Operation Specialists are crucial in ensuring reliable, scalable, and secure data systems. At EliteRecruitments, we specialize in data engineer recruitment to find top-notch professionals for this essential role.



EliteRecruitments conducts initial evaluations of candidate resumes and portfolios to determine their technical competency and experience.

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Discover Top Data Engineer Recruitment Solutions: Attracting and Sourcing Exceptional Talent for Your Organization's Success.

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With us, you can get a streamlined and efficient onboarding process to bring new talents to your organization through pay discussions and post-offer dialogue.

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Experience our specialized data engineer recruitment services, ensuring you find candidates committed to long-term success in your organization.

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At EliteRecruitments, we excel in data engineer recruitment, boasting our prowess in securing top data engineering talent. With experience recruiting cloud database engineers, data warehouse engineers, data architects, and data pipeline engineers, we have developed a deep understanding of this domain. It has led to satisfied clients and long-lasting partnerships. Our PAN India presence reflects our commitment to our clients and candidates. We have established ourselves in the leading tech hubs across India by investing in local talents and leveraging technology to connect job seekers with top employers. Join us at EliteRecruitments and break the barriers to “hire and get hired”.

cloud recruitment agency, data engineer recruitment

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At EliteRecruitments, we have developed our data engineer recruitment services to provide clients with satisfying recruitment experiences.

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A team of expert recruiters for data talent who are knowledgeable and willing to share their expertise with aspirants.

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Our data engineer recruitment expertise, extensive job database, and strong presence in major industrial hubs empower us to connect candidates with their ideal positions, tailored to their skills and career aspirations.

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We have been among the few recruitment agencies that solely focus on hiring exceptional actuaries from the beginning to find the right actuary professional for the right client at the right time. Our actuarial recruitment division has been actively deploying the best actuaries in prominent cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. In addition, we have also been actively providing our services to Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum. We also provide the candidates with an opportunity to work in a permanent remote-based location for a UAE-based firm in the insurance, data analytics, wealth management, KPOs, and government branches.
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