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EliteRecruitments is a trusted underwriting recruitment agency that specializes in sourcing top-notch underwriters for businesses nationwide. We understand underwriting positions better than anybody and connect businesses with suitable candidates. Additionally, we take pride in our expertise in matching skilled graduates and seasoned professionals with the right underwriting opportunities.

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From emerging graduates to senior executives, our team of underwriter recruiters specializes in sourcing exceptional talent for various industries that rely on underwriting expertise. Our deep-rooted connection to sectors like insurance, finance, real estate, and more sets us apart, enabling us to identify and source thought leaders in diverse underwriting domains. We recognize the prevailing skill gaps within these industries and have proactively addressed them. Our extensive talent database remains consistently updated, ensuring our ability to meet evolving industry needs. This proficiency always allows us to provide highly skilled underwriting experts who meet each industry’s requirements.

Whether you require talents for investment banking, property & casualty insurance (P&C), Treaty reinsurance, banking, mortgage, securities, credit, or loan underwriting, our experienced team has the industry knowledge and connections to find the perfect candidates. In addition, our experienced underwriting recruiters can source underwriters for specialized domains like marine, aviation, and production. We take a client-focused approach, understanding the unique challenges industries face, including insurance, banking, personal finance, and loan signing. By combining our expertise in underwriting recruitment with our understanding of these industries, we deliver exceptional underwriting talent that meets your specific needs and drives your business forward.

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EliteRecruitments is your gateway to a prosperous underwriting career. As one of the leading underwriting recruitment agencies, we have established a vast network within the industry, enabling us to connect talented underwriters with prominent employers. Our strong associations with leading industries give us the unique advantage of securing exclusive job opportunities not published in the open job market. Our underwriting recruiters, with a comprehensive understanding of Insurance and Underwriting concepts, bring invaluable practical industry experience to the table. This expertise empowers them to uncover hidden talents and forge impactful matches that meet immediate needs and foster long-term career growth and satisfaction.

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Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai Hiring Actuaries for a leading Consultancy. The incumbent must have experience in modelling MG-ALFA/ GGY Axis/ Prophet/ Moses 8& RAFM

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RemoteCandidate should have 2-8 years of actuarial reserving experience (life or P&C) with at least 6 months of experience in IFRS17.


Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata/Mumbai 1-8 years of actuarial experience in pensions domain with atleast 1 actuarial exam. Experience in Hongkong/Asia pensions will be preferred

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Remote/Delhi NCR/Bangalore/Kolkata T-IO years of actuarial pricing experience with atleast 2 actuarial exams.

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EliteRecruitments boasts a team of proactive insurance underwriter recruiters who deeply understand the diverse specializations within the underwriting field. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have successfully placed candidates in various underwriting job roles across industries. We specialize in identifying talent for roles such as investment banking underwriters, commercial banking underwriters, mortgage underwriters, securities underwriters, credit underwriters, loan underwriters, forensic underwriters, marine underwriters, aviation underwriters, and production underwriters. Let’s take a look at them.

Investment Banking Underwriters

At EliteRecruitments, we focus on sourcing talented investment banking underwriters for our clients. Our underwriting recruiters possess in-depth knowledge of the investment banking industry and understand the specific job roles and functions of investment banking underwriters. When sourcing investment banking underwriters, we assess their ability to work with two types of capital sources: equity securities underwriting and debt securities underwriting. We carefully evaluate their technical aptitude, calculating power, qualifications, and experience in these areas. Our rigorous evaluation process ensures that the investment banking underwriters we present to our clients are highly skilled professionals capable of delivering exceptional results. We analyze their track record, previous transactions, and industry reputation to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.

P& C Underwriters

Hiring Property and Casualty (P&C) underwriters demands a tailored strategy, and at EliteRecruitments, we've perfected our methods to ensure precision in candidate evaluation. P&C underwriting roles require a unique blend of industry knowledge, risk assessment prowess, and meticulous attention to detail. Our process involves multifaceted techniques that delve into candidates' track records, examining their performance and achievements in diverse underwriting scenarios. Our discerning approach recognizes the nuances of P&C underwriting careers, a field that has grown popular due to its dynamic challenges and potential for impact. Our recruitment experts meticulously assess candidates' understanding of intricate insurance concepts, regulatory frameworks, and evolving market trends to match this demand. We go beyond the surface, evaluating their ability to handle complex risk scenarios and make informed decisions. By scrutinizing candidates' past achievements and track records, we identify those who have consistently demonstrated the understanding required for P&C underwriting excellence.

Treaty Reinsurance Underwriters

At EliteRecruitments, our prowess extends to the specialized realm of treaty reinsurance underwriters, reflecting the growing importance of this field in the insurance landscape. Sourcing skilled treaty reinsurance underwriters demands a strategic and meticulous approach, and we've honed our methods to ensure we provide the best-matched candidates for our clients. Treaty reinsurance underwriting requires a unique blend of analytical insight, risk assessment expertise, and an intricate understanding of the global insurance market. Our process starts by tapping into an expansive network that spans this niche domain. We identify professionals with a detailed knowledge of reinsurance principles, treaty structures, and regulatory landscapes that are essential for success in this role. The increasing importance of treaty reinsurance underwriting lies in its role as a critical risk management strategy for insurance companies, enabling them to share risk and optimize their portfolios. With this heightened significance, EliteRecruitments is dedicated to sourcing underwriters with the specialized skills and insights to navigate this intricate landscape.

Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters play a crucial role in the insurance industry, assessing and evaluating risks to determine coverage and premium rates for policyholders. Our insurance underwriting recruiters specialize in identifying, evaluating, and sourcing different types of insurance underwriters who excel in various specializations. We have a comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape, including personal, medical, motor, commercial, casualty, and more. Our experienced underwriting recruiters have the expertise to assess the skills and experience of insurance underwriters who have worked in these specialized areas. We evaluate their ability to analyze risk, make informed decisions, and ensure compliance with underwriting guidelines and regulations. In addition to assessing their industry-specific knowledge, we screen insurance underwriters based on their technical skills. Proficiency in software applications like Tableau, which helps with data analysis and visualization, is highly valued in the insurance industry. We ensure that the underwriters we source have the necessary technical skills to leverage tools like Tableau effectively.

Property & Mortgage Underwriters

Property and mortgage underwriters are in demand across various industries, including banking, insurance, and real estate. Commercial banks, in particular, rely heavily on property and mortgage underwriters to evaluate loan applications for commercial properties. At EliteRecruitments, we employ an insightful screening process to identify property and mortgage underwriters with the right skills and qualifications. Our experienced underwriting recruiters deeply understand the industry and leverage their knowledge to evaluate candidates' expertise. We assess their understanding of property evaluation methods, knowledge of loan and insurance policies, and familiarity with industry regulations. We understand the nuances of property valuation, mortgage underwriting guidelines, and industry best practices. This expertise allows us to screen and match candidates with the specific skills and knowledge required for property and mortgage underwriting roles. We have a proven track record of sourcing exceptional talent in this specialized field, ensuring that our clients have access to underwriters who possess the expertise to mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and contribute to the success of their organizations.

Securities Underwriting

Security underwriters facilitate issuing and underwriting securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. At EliteRecruitments, we specialize in recruiting highly skilled securities underwriters and employ a rigorous screening process to identify candidates with the necessary expertise and qualifications. When sourcing securities underwriters, we assess their experience and track record in handling various securities offerings, including initial public offerings (IPOs), stock market transactions, and mutual fund launches. We thoroughly evaluate their past performance, analyzing their ability to successfully navigate complex financial transactions, attract investors, and generate favourable outcomes for their clients. Analytical expertise is a crucial skill for securities underwriters. We look for candidates who can assess market conditions, perform valuation analyses, and make informed pricing and underwriting terms decisions. They should have a track record of successful underwriting transactions and the ability to precisely navigate regulatory requirements.

Credit Underwriters

At EliteRecruitments, our approach to hiring Credit Underwriters is guided by a robust screening process that allows us to identify and procure top talent in the industry. We understand the crucial role Credit Underwriters play in assessing the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses, and we take immense pride in selecting professionals who have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to excel in this field. Once applications are received, our screening process kicks into high gear. We carefully review each candidate's resume and cover letter to evaluate their relevant experience and qualifications. We pay close attention to their educational background, previous work experience in underwriting or related fields, and any certifications or licenses they may hold, such as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. We also evaluate the decision-making abilities of credit underwriters before selecting them for our clients.

Speciality Underwriters

At EliteRecruitments, we excel in recruiting specialty underwriters with the expertise to handle unique and complex domains within the underwriting industry. We understand that underwriting for specialized areas requires specific skills and industry expertise. Whether it's assessing risks associated with marine vessels, aviation operations, or complex production processes, we source underwriters who have a proven track record in these domains. Our screening process for specialty underwriters involves a targeted approach. We utilize a combination of comprehensive interviews, skill assessments, and in-depth reference checks to evaluate candidates' proficiency and experience in their respective areas. We assess their understanding of their specialized domain's unique risks, regulations, and underwriting guidelines. Our hiring process is designed to ensure that we match our clients' needs with underwriters who have the right qualifications and experience in the respective specialty.

Loan Underwriters

Loan underwriters play a crucial role in the lending industry, assessing loan applications and determining the eligibility and creditworthiness of borrowers. We deeply understand the loan signing industry and specialize in sourcing exceptional loan underwriters for our clients. Loan underwriters are responsible for reviewing loan applications, analyzing financial documents, and assessing the risk associated with each borrower. They evaluate credit history, income, debt-to-income ratio, and collateral value to make informed lending decisions. Our extensive network and industry connections in the loan signing sector enable us to identify and connect with talented loan underwriters with the experience and expertise necessary for success in this field. We understand the unique requirements of loan signing companies, financial institutions, and mortgage lenders, allowing us to match them with underwriters with the specific skills and qualifications needed.

Forensic Underwriters

Forensic underwriters play a critical role in the insurance industry, specializing in investigating and assessing insurance claims for potential fraud or misrepresentation. At EliteRecruitments, we have developed a unique screening and hiring approach to identify and source the finest forensic underwriters for our clients. For hiring forensic underwriters, We seek candidates with a strong background in insurance claims handling and a deep understanding of forensic investigation techniques. We evaluate their experience identifying suspicious patterns, gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and collaborating with law enforcement agencies or legal professionals. We look for individuals who can effectively evaluate complex insurance claims, spot red flags, and provide insightful recommendations based on their findings. Additionally, we consider their knowledge of industry regulations, insurance policies, and legal requirements related to fraud detection and investigation.


Insurance Underwriter Recruiters
Specialized Underwriting Talent Acquisition

Our deep understanding of the underwriting field and extensive industry connections allow us to identify and attract highly skilled professionals with the technical knowledge, experience, and qualifications required for various underwriting roles.

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Targetted Candidate Screening

We employ a comprehensive screening process that evaluates candidates based on their underwriting expertise, analytical skills, attention to detail, and industry-specific knowledge. We take pride in our ability to assess their skills to interpret data, make sound judgments, and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

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Niche Underwriting Expertise

We specialize in sourcing underwriters for niche areas such as marine underwriting, aviation underwriting, production underwriting, and more. Our in-depth knowledge of these specialized fields enables us to identify candidates with the specific skills and qualifications required for these roles.

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Customized Underwriting Recruitment Solutions

We understand that each organization has unique underwriting requirements. Our underwriting recruiters work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our recruitment solutions accordingly.

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As a trusted underwriting recruitment agency in India, EliteRecruitments has earned a reputation as one of the leading providers of top-notch underwriting professionals. Our success stems from our team’s first-hand experience in hiring experienced underwriters and our well-established industry network. We take pride in our ability to partner with our clients, understanding the nature of their business and the specific types of underwriters they require. By leveraging our industry connections and expertise, we identify and attract highly skilled professionals with the technical knowledge and qualifications necessary for successful underwriting careers. Our client-focused approach ensures that we meet and exceed our client’s expectations, providing them with the best talent that aligns with their unique business needs.

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We have been among the few recruitment agencies that solely focus on hiring exceptional actuaries from the beginning to find the right actuary professional for the right client at the right time. Our actuarial recruitment division has been actively deploying the best actuaries in prominent cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. In addition, we have also been actively providing our services to Delhi NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum. We also provide the candidates with an opportunity to work in a permanent remote-based location for a UAE-based firm in the insurance, data analytics, wealth management, KPOs, and government branches.
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