Why is implementing new recruiting trends in 2021 important

In today’s world with increasing competition comes increasing pressure of acquiring the best talents. 2020 was a rough year for the recruiting industry. With the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an economic contraction in India. This is why new recruiting trends have become even more necessary to hire the best team of workers.

Some of the recent trends are-

1. Artificial intelligence and automation

With the help of some top recruitment agencies in India, recruiters can automate the process to discover better candidates for their vacancies. Human resource management systems help track candidates easily. There has been a rise in the integration of AI and automation in sourcing, managing, and screening candidates.

Importance -

Lack of face-to-face meetings during hiring through online mode is difficult. There is also the challenge of the employee not understanding the work culture and companies not being able to sell their employer brand. 

  • In this case technology like AI can come in. Using tools like chatbots for instance can help in collecting data like resumes, skills of the person applying, and provide instant communication. 
  • AI can provide candidate scoring from basic questions and forward deserving applicants to the next levels accordingly. 
  • Virtual assistants can help in initial processes like interview scheduling, live screening, etc.  
  • Another important factor is that unconscious biases and prejudices that recruiters may do initially are reduced by AI technology and machine learning.

 Applicants for any job roles are increasing with increasing competition. These technologies can study diverse portfolios at once which can ease the process. 

2. Social media recruitment

A majority of job seekers are available online, social media platforms can be one of the best places to reach them. Such platforms include professional sites like LinkedIn, Naukri, Internshala, or even recreational platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Platforms like these can act as top recruitment agencies in India. The advantage of using such platforms is the efficiency to attract target job seekers by using videos, images, puzzles, and even hashtags.

Importance -

The initial process of contacting people for job openings becomes easier. Such strategies are more important as people now search for jobs online more than ever. It often happens that the adequate person for the job role in a company is not even looking for jobs. But there is a high possibility that he’s active on social media like Facebook. 

  • In this case, if the job advertisement of the company catches his eye, there is a possibility he might apply for it and even get selected. 
  • Advertisements on such platforms can engage job seekers more and employers can also determine the skill level easily. 
  • Apart from advertisements, social media posts can be an excellent way to promote how the company works and what the advantages of working in the company are. 

3. Remote and virtual hiring

Remote work was already on the rise even before the pandemic arose. As estimated by research firm Gartner, about 50 percent of employees might opt for work from home (especially in industries like IT services) in 2021.

Employees are becoming more and more aware of the importance of work-life balance and freedom in their working styles. This raises the option of recruiters hiring people who are willing to work remotely. 2020 especially has proved the ease that comes with online work.

importance -

Online work has become a top priority since 2020. If not permanently, many companies are moving towards a hybrid approach of both offline and online work. 

  • Virtual recruiting provides candidates options like scheduling interviews themselves. Candidates also are showing increasing productivity in Work from Home opportunities. 
  • Companies can save money by downsizing their expenses like office space. This will also ensure greater security for employees due to lower costs on the company’s part. This means they might not fire employees due to financial losses in the future. 
  • Also, in terms of expenses, temporary jobs and internships which can be handled remotely save a lot of resources from the company’s point of view.  

People want flexibility and freedom in their work atmosphere. Video meetings/ interviews are becoming more prominent modes of hiring since the pandemic. Zoom, google meet has proven to be an excellent option to conduct interviews/ tests for aspiring candidates. The screening process has become easier for recruiters because of its low-cost advantages. This is why remote hiring has become one of the new recruiting trends in recent times. 

4. Referrals

In this method, present employees of the company recommend people who they know of having particular skill sets for the job role. Similarly, people are more likely to apply for the company if there are already satisfied employees there. This is proving to be one of the best ways to hire employees recently.

importance -

Companies want to save as much money and time as possible in their recruitment processes. 

  • Referrals provide an easy shortcut for companies to fill their vacancies. 
  • By using recommendations of their current employees that they trust, there is a feeling of security in hiring someone from referrals. 
  • Also, employees who are hired by referrals can further refer someone capable and thus the cycle of growth might go on. 

5. Employer Branding

People look out for companies with progressive ideas where their creative freedom will be respected. They won’t work for companies not well respected or well-reputed even if the pay is adequate. Also, companies that have a clear goal and vision attract more employees.

importance -

It is necessary to build a strong talent pool of candidates for job openings. 

  • To amass a high-quality talent pool for current and future purposes is necessary for the image building of the company itself.
  • This method has the power of changing perceptions about the company in the eyes of the job seeker. 
  • If employer branding is done properly, recruiters can keep higher targets and expectations from employees. This means that establishing the reputation of a company is necessary to attract more capable employees. 
  • Better employees can further take the company to new heights of success. 


Focusing on strategizing the recruitment process with these new recruiting trends can pay off in the long run. A mixture of these trends can aid in providing an efficient recruiting process. While automation tactics can speed up the hiring process, employer branding can determine the quality of the applicants. Social media is a great platform for advertising job roles and referrals from good employees can be beneficial. As work environments are changing throughout India, 2021 has to face new challenges in recruitment processes. New strategies have to be applied to attract more talent and contribute to the growth of a company. 

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